Gannicus, god of the arena

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Gannicus, god of the arena

Bericht van Gannicus op ma feb 29, 2016 12:48 pm


Naam: Gannicus
Bijnaam: God of the arena
Geslacht: Male
Leeftijd: 26
Beroep: Gladiator
Ouders:  RIP
Broers/zussen: One sister, Saxa
Huisdier: Not allowed


Kleur haar:  Dark blond/brown
Haar lengte: Long
Kleur ogen: Brown
Lengte: 1m76
Gewicht: 69 kg
Lichaam bouw: Very atletic, and muscular. Tanned skin
Kleren: Less as possible. The less he wears, the more he can move in a fight.
Littekens: Here and there
sieraden: A necklace he got from an older gladiator, who died in the arena


Karakter:  Gannicus proves himself a remarkable physical specimen: fearless in the arena and possessed by a thirst for the fleeting pleasures of life. His love of wine and women, coupled with his unwavering arrogance, is unmatched by any of the other gladiators. For his victories, Gannicus isn't seen training with the other gladiators, but rather he is allowed to train alone in the shade if he wishes. With a love for battle, he reveals an excited grin whenever confronted
Likes: Fighting, swords, wine, woman
Dislikes: Reality, losing, sitting stil, whips
Verleden:  Under contruction


Aantal berichten : 88
Registratiedatum : 25-01-16

Character sheet
Crush:: There are many things I'll die for. Many things I'll deserve to die for
Quote:: We are only free, when we fight

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